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Nicole Hamm


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National Bike & Roll to School Day is Wednesday, May 8, 2024. Since May 2012, communities across the United States have encouraged active trips to school to incorporate regular physical activity each day, a healthy habit that can last a lifetime. See who is biking and rolling in 2024: bit.ly/3wsQNJVSome ways to improve the safety of a child’s active transportation to school include:​ *Always encourage visibility: Use reflectors and lights, especially in low-lit areas or times of day.​ *Always encourage the use of helmets and other injury-prevention protective gear.​ *Teach children to cross streets at marked crossings and to always look for traffic.​ *Provide and use safe, well-maintained walkways separate from vehicles.​ *Slow traffic in neighborhoods and near schools through traffic calming strategies and enforcement efforts.​ *Ensure that walkways are continuous and meet or exceed national accessibility standards.​Bike Rodeos are another fun, creative way to teach children about safe bicycle transportation. Watch this video from Olmsted County Public Health Services to learn more: bit.ly/4b8yngs#NTAM2024 ​#MayoClinicTraumaCenter ​The American Trauma Society ​#injuryprevention ... See MoreSee Less
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