Blue Zones Project is designed to influence places within our community, optimizing each environment to support healthy choices. We develop deep relationships with restaurants, worksites, and convenient and grocery stores, then provide tailored tools to help each of these organizations implement evidence-based practices in their environments. The organizations that we work collaboratively with to make permanent and visible changes can become Blue Zones Approved – meaning they have completed all of the necessary steps to ensure healthy choices become easy choices.

Interested in becoming a Blue Zones Approved Restaurant, Grocery Store, or Worksite?


Restaurants play a key role in a community’s overall well-being as more people seek healthy options when dining out. Adopting our best practices can grow a business’s bottom line while ensuring the health and happiness of customers. Everyone wins when the healthy choice becomes the easy choice.


The following Jacksonville restaurants are Blue Zones Project Approved:

Grocery & Convenient Stores

Grocery stores subtly influence our food decisions in pretty significant ways. Here’s just one: Placing healthier food items in high-visibility areas in the store means those unhealthy impulse items are less likely to end up in customer carts. We work with grocery stores to increase healthy offerings and make it easier for people to make smart food choices.

Additionally, we collaborate with stores to provide educational materials and signage that highlight the nutritional benefits of certain foods. This not only helps customers make informed choices but also encourages stores to stock a wider variety of healthy options. By fostering a shopping environment that prioritizes health and wellness, we aim to create a ripple effect that positively impacts the overall dietary habits of the community.

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The following Jacksonville grocery stores are Blue Zones Project Approved:


Healthier work environments can benefit both employers and their valuable employees. Most jobs today are sedentary, with only about 20 percent requiring moderate physical activity. About one-third of a person’s waking hours are spent at work, so employers can have great influence in helping us move more, eat better, and connect.

To capitalize on this opportunity, we encourage companies to introduce initiatives like standing desks, scheduled activity breaks, and healthy food options in the workplace. These small changes can lead to significant improvements in employees’ overall health and productivity. By creating a culture that values well-being, employers can foster a more engaged and motivated workforce, reducing absenteeism and increasing job satisfaction.

The following Jacksonville worksites are Blue Zones Project Approved:


Schools have long been one of the most important factors in helping kids make good choices about eating well and staying healthy. Blue Zones Project offers school leaders programs and policies that make it easier to teach students how they can lead longer, happier lives.

Schools are in a powerful position to influence health and well-being for generations. Taking action is easier than ever in an environment of community-wide change, with local resources available for support.

The following Jacksonville schools are Blue Zones Project Approved:

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